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Cheap date ideas for Valentine's Day!

So Valentine's Day is around the corner. This year is different obviously because of Covid-19. Don't let Covid-19 stop you from enjoying your loved one. You can celebrate your love in so many ways. Covid-19 has also left a lot of people in some tight financial situations. If this is you, don't worry I got you.

So here are some cheap ideas to have a safe Valentine's Day at home.

1. Netflix and chill

Let's be honest Netflix has come along way from when it started. Now on Netflix you can find new movies streaming every week. So pick a movie and pop some popcorn and press play.

2. Inside picnic

Does your loved one have to work on Valentine's Day? Make lunch time a picnic. You can do a inside picnic if they come home for lunch or take lunch to them. Who says they can't celebrate because their working.

3. Candle light dinner

Take out a cookbook and pick a dinner to make. Find some candles around the house or go to your nearest dollar tree. There are so many things you can do to make this the perfect dinner.

4. Play Board Games

Board Games can be so much fun. Board games to do for a night of fun are checkers, phase 10, Uno, mancala, monopoly. These are just a few games to choose from.

5. DIY project around the house

Do you have a project around the house that you haven't got to yet? Make this a couple project and do it together. This can be a way to improve your communication skills.

6. Paint and Sip

Who doesn't love a great paint and sip. Visit your nearest craft store and pick up some blank canvas. You can go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. If your really on a budget, you can go to Dollar Tree.

So what do you plan on doing this Valentine's Day?

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