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4 Money youtubers that will change your Life!

The new year is here ,and many people have a money resolution. This year you can really learn how to win with your money. Whether you are paying off debt or trying to save these YouTubers will keep you motivated.

There are four YouTubers that I watch weekly that motivate me about money.

Dave Ramsey

Of course, you know Dave Ramsey is on this list. Dave started my motivation to become financially free at the end of 2017. My husband bought me Dave's book "the total money makeover" for my birthday. My life was changed. Dave also has a podcast that you can listen to for more motivation.

One Big Happy Life

This power couple Tasha and Joseph, really shows you how you can save, invest, and pay off debt all at the same time. Both Tasha and Joseph have student loan debt, have children, and still manage to invest their funds. They show their subscribers a different way of saving even though they have debt.

Pennies Not Perfection

Mary takes you along with her while she pays off her student loans. I love Mary's channel because not only does she pay off debt, she also saves for expenses throughout the year. She has clever videos like transfer Tuesday. On transfer Tuesday, she pays extra on her debt to gain more momentum. I love that Mary shows you her monthly income and weekly updates on her progress.

Our Rich Journey

This couple follows the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. This couple retired at the age of 39 and now live in Portugal with their two daughters. They take you on the journey of how they achieved FIRE.

2020 is the year to get your finances in order. Stay motivated!


Dave Ramsey Channel

One Big Happy Life

Pennies Not Perfection

Our Rich Journey

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