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Staying organized as a working mom in 2020

Since having my second child it's important more than ever to stay organized. Things can become so overwhelming when doing our daily activities. I catch myself saying all the time "there is not enough time in the day". When I am feeling overwhelmed, I just take a deep breath and relax because I am only one person. 

Every week is a new week and Sunday is the day to get my week started off right. 

Here are some tips to staying organized as a working mom in the new year.

Organize all your work clothes for the week

Every morning I get up I'm so happy that I don't have to rush and pick out an outfit. Having your wardrobe already laid out saves you a lot of time.  I even pick out my sons clothes for the week. This helps with our morning routine.

Dinner menu for the week

I can't tell you how many times I would rush around the kitchen every afternoon and think about what to cook. I don't have time to think about what I'm cooking every single day. One Sunday I sat down and made a menu for the whole week. Making a weekly menu takes away so much stress during the week. I have even seen some moms do schedules for the month. You can find a lot of ideas on Pinterest. To give you an idea of a dinner menu click here.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule 

Now I will be honest this tip is hard for me to keep up with. Especially with a toddler running around.  I feel like I am always picking up toys or washing clothes. I learned to not get overwhelmed with how my house may look everyday. I pick a day to do certain chores around the house. Here is my personal cleaning schedule here.

Here are just a couple of tips to help you get more organized and less overwhelmed. Remember you are only one person and your doing the best you can. 

📷 Credit: Instagram @faniks_memories 

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