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3 Tips on how to reset your life this July

July is the middle of the year, and it’s not too late to reset your life. This month use time to look over your goals, financial plans, and dreams.

Sit down and reflect on things that worked, things that went wrong, and what you need to change moving forward.

Here are three tips to help you reset your life this July.

Evaluate your progress

Start your reset by evaluating your progress these last six months? The beginning of the year, I made a vision board with my close friends and their spouses. In January, I had a clear vision of what I wanted my year to look like. Evaluate your vision board, goals, and the plans you had for this year.

Money Goals

Did you meet your money goals? You know I couldn’t do a blog without discussing finances. At the beginning of the year, we all had money goals. Some of us want to save a certain amount by December. Some of us wanted to pay off a certain amount of debt by December. Look at your accounts and be honest about where you are on your money goals.

Think about what would you do differently for the next six months

Don’t wait to the end of the year to focus on your dreams. We spend so much time thinking about the things we want to accomplish. Let's stop talking about it and just do it. Whatever it is that you have wanted to do, just start it. Whether it's starting a business, go back to school, or start a YouTube channel. Whatever it is just go for it.

I hope these tips help stay motivated people!

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