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3 Simple Productivity Apps that keep me organized

Staying organized every day can be a challenge. As a mom, I find it even harder to stay on top of daily activities. Mix that with having a full-time job and running a blog can get overwhelming. July is the half way point of the year. Some people need to reset themselves to get back focused on their goals. So here are three simple apps that help me out daily.

Color Note App

Color Note is where I brain dump. Everything I need to do and every idea I think about goes into my color Note.


Your Google calendar can keep you organized daily. You can put a goal, reminder, or event in your calendar. Everyone has a calendar on their phone but don't use it to its full potential. Being a mom putting everything in my Google calendar has helped me so much. Every appointment, meeting, or event is in my calendar. This calendar is key to keeping me on point with my monthly budget.

I know a lot of people use their calendar for calendar blocking. Calendar blocking tells everyone that you are not available. Calendar blocking helps with self-care and staying focused. I have not mastered calendar blocking yet, but I will master Calendar blocking by the end of this year.

Stay focused app

I talked about this app on my blog post, "Building success in 2019". I discovered an app called Forest. This app is great for time management. The forest app motto is "stay focused be present." I love this app; it keeps me focused on my task when I want to pick up my phone and do something else. This app allows me to disconnect from social media and get things done. This app can be helpful for studying, disconnecting from social media, or just spending some one on one time with my family.

The color note and stay focused app can be found in your app store.

It's not to late too get organized in your life. Use July as a wake-up call to finish the year out strong with all your goals and dreams.

Stay Positive!

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