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  • Signed Sharika Parker

Understanding the power of the word "No"

Understanding the power of no can be a game changer. As a caring human being we feel guilty when we say no. We feel obligated to help someone, especially when that person has helped us in the past.

Questions you may be asking yourself.

When do we set boundaries with people?

When is it alright to say no?

Well, let me help you out. When you're putting yourself on the back burner to help someone else, that's when you say no. Make sure you put yourself first. Think to yourself if I say yes, will this hurt me? Will I regret saying yes?

If the answer is yes to the two questions above, then don't say yes, no matter how hard it may be.

If your're not sure where to begin, here are two tips to help you get started.


Even in relationships, we feel obligated to say yes. Communicate with your partner and explain to them why you can't do whatever it is that they are asking. Of course, this is left up to the individual. We are all grown so there is no need to explain everything. Sometimes just say no, there is no need for an explanation.

Say yes on your terms

It is alright to put yourself first. In saying that if you want to do something for someone else say yes on your terms. For example, You may say to them I can't do it today but, I can do it next Tuesday. So what if the person gets mad at you, they will be alight. You are giving them your schedule on your terms.

I hope this week's blog gives you something to think about in your own lives. Some people can say no, and others have a problem with it. Whichever person you are, know that it's ok to say No.

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