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How to stay motivated when paying off debt

Staying motivated can be hard when you're trying to pay off debt. As humans, we love instant gratification not delayed gratification. We want everything right now but the truth is, getting out of debt is going to take hard work. Are you willing to work hard so you can truly live like no one else?

Here are some ways to stay motivated when paying off debt.

Knowing your why

Why are you paying off debt? Asking yourself this question is a good place to start. Knowing your why will motivate you when you doubt your journey to get out of debt. Are you wanting to work part-time, have more money, or be a stay at home mom? Some people want to change their family tree, as Dave Ramsey says. Whatever the reason, know your why?

Celebrate the small victories

Celebrating a small debt victory can make a huge difference. Celebrate paying off that last $300 on your credit card. Celebrating will keep you motivated to stay on track.

Create a visual debt chart

Having a visual to look at every day can be motivating. Having a payoff goal on the chart puts fuel to the fire. When you see yourself paying off more and more debt the happier you are.

Support Group

Let's face it; everyone is not on the same page when it comes to debt. Everyone is not ready to live their best life without debt. Find people that share your vision. Support will keep you motivated, and you will also gain accountability partners. You can never go wrong with positive support.

"It always seems impossible until it's done". Nelson Mandela

Stay focused!

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