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10 Simple Date Ideas for Valentine's Day 2018

10 Simple date Ideas for Valentine Day 2018

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, are you still trying to figure out what to do? We put to much pressure on ourselves to make sure this day is perfect and special. I even think men have it harder on this day. Either way here are some ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special.

Inside the house

1. Netflix and Chill

If your budget is a little funny Netflix and Chill is always a good alternative. Make it extra special with dinner and a good dessert.

2. Stay in and cook dinner

Staying in to cook dinner could be special because it could save you money and you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. Research recipes to cook or cook your partner's favorite dish.

3. Nice Bath

After it’s all said and done having a nice relaxing bath can do us all some good. Put on Pandora and use your favorite bath bomb and call it a night.

Outside the house

4. Movies

Of course, the movies would be a tip. People have been going to the movies for date night since the beginning of time. That’s why the movies never get old. Pick a movie that you and your partner are interested in seeing and have a night with popcorn.

5. Dinner Reservations

Dinner reservations can be a little tricky because everyone is getting out and taking their loved one to dinner. So, get ahead of the game and find restaurants and make reservations asap.

6. Painting with a twist

I love painting with a twist. It gets you out of the house, and usually, you can bring an alcoholic beverage to drink.

7. Cooking Class

Cooking class is something I haven’t done yet but would love to try. If you love cooking like I do go to a cooking class and take leftovers back to the house.

8. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a good time out. You can either do them alone or make it a couple’s night out. I have done two escape rooms so far, and I have enjoyed them. There is something about finding a clue and knowing you have an hour to solve the mystery.

Can be done inside or outside the house

9. Vision Board

I feel making a vision board keeps you closer to your dreams. Make a vision board for where you see yourself in the future or how you see each other in the future.

10. Ancestry or 23 and Me

DNA could be a nice gift to give to someone if they are wondering where their roots are from. Both Ancestry and 23 and Me have sales going on for Valentine’s day if you're interested.

Enjoy Valentine's Day!

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