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7 ways to develop a healthy work-life balance

Monday through Friday we are on the go. We’re on the go from waking up in the morning to laying our heads done at night. As a wife, mother, full-time worker, and blogger I’m constantly on the move. I have days where I want to stay at home and sleep all day. As a new mom, I’m still learning how to juggle it all. I’ve learned not to stress myself out and take it one day at a time. I also learned that it just takes a little more planning and organizing your day.

Get ready the night before

I’m still struggling with this one but getting ready the night before really helps me in the morning. At night, I lay my clothes out, get my son's diaper bag ready, and prep bottles. Getting ready at night helps my mornings run smoother. So, my advice is to get ready at night whether that’s meal prep or organize your week.

Prioritize your time

Prioritize that long list of things you have to do. What is urgent on your to-do list? What can wait? Start with what is important and work your way down.

Take a mental break

Sometime throughout the day, I have to take a mental break. Work can be so demanding and stressful that you can easily get overwhelmed. Take a step back from your work, so you can move around and debrief.

STOP taking work home

This can be easier said than done. If you’re in social services like me, you feel like you have to take work home so you won’t get behind. My paid full-time job gets my attention until 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm my family gets my full attention. Set your work hours and stick to them no matter what.

Enjoy your Weekends

Utilize your weekends by looking up what’s going on in your city or take a mini-vacation. Enjoy every minute of your weekend and try not to get depressed when Sunday night comes. You can find things to do weekly in Memphis through Holly Whitfield’s blog. Link will be below.


I speak about self-care so much because it’s important. One thing that I have really been enjoying lately is Y-cycling. Find something you love and make time for it.

Unwind after a long day

Whatever you do to unwind make sure you do it every night. My wind down time consist of a glass of wine. As mentioned before my favorite wine is “Yellow Tail Sangria”. After being at work all day and dealing with a 10-month-old, having a glass of wine is my relax time.

At the end of the day, you only have one life to live. Enjoy it!


Holly Whitfield’s blog

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