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Tips on building a positive self-esteem

I was having a conversation with one of my friends and we discussed life lessons we have learned.  As a woman, sometimes you go through things that can challenge your self-esteem.  So, after talking to my friend I started thinking about things that make me stay positive and have a healthy self-esteem.

Having a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude every day is hard to do. Especially when things in your life are not going right.  Even when I’m in my feelings I always try to find a positive in my life. 

Dress Up and put on makeup

Now this is something I don’t do every day but sometimes I feel like being extra and it works. When you dress the part, and put on makeup something changes in you.  When you walk out that door you know you look good.


Smile even when you’re having a rough day.  Some people show exactly what their feeling on their face. Leave everyone that you encounter with a smile.

Socialize with positive people

Know who is in your circle, I discussed this in my blog post “Friends, how many of us have them”.  Having positive people around you makes a world of difference. I want to have people around me that make me want to do better.  Also people that want to see me succeed.  If you don’t have positive people around you, it’s time to change your environment.

What helps you stay positive?

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