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Tips on a successful bedtime routine with baby

So, you’re ready for your sleep back. It’s time to put that baby on a routine. I started a night time routine with my son when he was four months old. I was so paranoid to let my son sleep in his own room but I knew I had to let go at some point.

So here is what I learned…….

1. Set an alarm

Setting the alarm on your phone can help you start the night. Set a time that you are comfortable with continuing every night. My alarm goes off at 7:00 pm every evening, and then we get ready for bedtime.

2. Start with bath time

After my timer goes off on my phone at 7:00 pm I start getting my son ready for bath time. In this time, I run the bath water and get his pajamas together.

3. Johnson and Johnson night time bath wash and lotion

Johnson 3-step routine has been proven clinically to help babies sleep better in the first week. The 3-step routine involves a warm bath, baby massage, and quiet time. I use the night time bath wash and lotion every night. I feel it does help relax my son and get him ready for bed. Did it help him sleep better the first week of our routine? No.

4. Lil-Critters-Soothing-Starlight-Hippo

I love this Hippo; it cast stars on the ceiling in different colors, plays nursery rhymes, lullabies, and nature sounds. I feel these sounds are very soothing for babies and puts them right to sleep. Have extra batteries handy; you will need them.

5. Cry it Out Method

I tried the cry it out method also known as the Ferber method. The Ferber method teaches your baby to successfully go to sleep on their own. The cry it out method was so painful for me. I would put my son to sleep and just hear him cry. I wanted to pick him up every night and coddle him. I know some people do not agree with this method, but I did. I stayed strong with the process, and it paid off.

At seven months, my son starting sleeping through the night (Thank God).

I realize that every baby is different and these tips may not work for everyone. Stay strong in whatever routine you decide to use.


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