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5 Products I used to prevent/reduce stretch marks

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift from god. Even though your happy about the bundle of joy you are carrying you worry about the body changes you're going through. Most women fear the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are the devil and we want to prevent them as much as possible.

I was so obsessed with not getting stress marks when I became pregnant. I had a daily routine with the products that I used below. I used these products in the morning, lunch, mid-evening, and at night. I hope these products help you!

Bio Oil (Amazon or Vitamin Shoppe)

African Shea Butter

Mothers Friend Body Cream 4 oz (Amazon)

Visha Skin Care Bump 2 Baby 10 oz (Amazon)

Coconut Oil (Vitamin Shoppe)

These products might not work for everyone. I feel using these products did prevent me from getting stretch marks. Remember that your body will change but you are bringing a human being into the world and that in itself is beautiful!


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