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Ease anxiety when you go back to work after maternity leave

Returning to work can be hard to do when your a first-time mom. You have anxiety going back to work, and you start to have feelings of guilt and separation anxiety. You may even start to think about not returning to work. Of course, not working isn’t feasible for everyone. So here are tips that can help ease your anxiety before you head back to work.

1. Practice your new routine

You are going back to work, and now you have to get you and your little one ready. I would suggest getting prepared at night so in the morning you are not rushing out the door.

2. Daycare

If possible, pick a daycare near your workplace. This way your baby is close to you, and you can check on them during lunch time. Also, if you are breast feeding, this would be a perfect time to set up a feeding around lunch. Just make sure you bring extra breast pads to work.

3. Pictures are worth a thousand words

This tip is simple, bring a picture of your baby to work. Put it on your desktop or tap it to your laptop. This way your baby is with you throughout the day.

4. Utilize FaceTime, Skype, and picture text

If you have a family friend or babysitter watching your baby use your phone to make contact throughout the day if you start to get worried.

Knowing that your baby is alright, you can find relief being back in a work environment.

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