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5 Tips to avoid Mommy Burnout

Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, you can suffer from burnout. As women, we have so many duties that we do throughout the day. Those duties can get overwhelming over time if we don’t practice good SELF-CARE. I am still having trouble balancing daily duties myself, but this is what I have learned.

1. Just Say No

This can be so hard for me at times. There can be so many things going on, and sometimes we like to think we are superwoman. When you have a lot going on, and someone asks you to do something just say NO. Stop stretching yourself too thin. If no is hard for you say maybe later or not now.

2. Share Duties 50/50

If you have a spouse come up with a system to share duties 50/50. Develop a weekly plan were yall share chores when it comes to the kids and work around the house. I know it sounds childish, but you will feel less stressed in the end.

3. Date Night

This is not date night with the boo; this is date night for you! Get out of the house and leave the kids with your spouse or a babysitter. This is important because we forget about us and what makes us happy. So, date night is for you to go out with the girls and have FUN.

4. Get back to you

Find a day out of the week to do what you love. I have mentioned this in my self-care post. I can’t say it enough. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself and making you happy.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I struggled with this the most. After I gave birth to my son I didn’t ask for help for the first few months. I had help lying right next to me but I felt like no one could take care of my son like me. Again, I was trying to be superwoman. Ask for help if you need it, don’t try to do everything on your own.

Do you guys have any tips to add?

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