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  • Signed Rika

"A healthy debate does not have to be an argument"

We all have arguments in relationships sometimes. Every now and then arguments can be healthy for a relationship. In certain situations, you are going to see things differently.

So, do you feel arguments can be healthy?

I feel they can, when you are having a disagreement you get to learn how to listen more, compromise, and communicate better with your partner.

  • Listening to your partner is good but are you comprehending what they are saying? A good technique is to repeat what they are trying to say. An example is “So what you are saying is……”. This way you can make sure you are understanding what your partner is saying.

  • Compromise with your partner, relationships are give and take. Try meeting each other in the middle. If you are disagreeing on duties around the house, write down the old pros-in-cons list and discuss the results.

  • Communicate with each other openly and honestly. Agree to disagree, don’t let those arguments separate you from each other.

  • At the end of the day give each other mutual respect when you are having a disagreement. Respect goes a long way.

  • A healthy debate keeps things interesting. Then you get to have wonderful make up sex.

“When you stop tiptoeing, you start growing closer” Gigi Engle

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