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“That Damn Honeymoon Phase”

When you first start dating someone or when you jump the broom everything was so exciting and new. After the six months to a year is up things start to change and things aren’t as exciting as they once were. You get distracted with kids, work, and everything becomes a routine.

How can we keep that excitement going in our relationships?

Make time for quality time

This is so important the old saying is you will make time for what is important. Your relationship is important so making time for your loved one shouldn’t be hard.

Find new restaurants/new activities that you never tried before

Things can become so routine in our relationships. We go to the same restaurants and we go to the movies every week like clockwork. Try keeping it interesting by trying NEW things.

Learn your partners love language

We all love different, it’s important for your partner to know your love language. Do you like affection, receiving gifts, physical touch, or words of affirmation? Know what you like and don’t be afraid to demand it.

Let’s talk about sex

We can’t discuss intimacy without talking about sex. OMG she said sex yes SEX. Sex is healthy for a relationship and its good exercise! lol

Realize that your feelings toward each other may change and its ok

At the end of the day no relationship will be the same forever but you can control what happens in your relationship. If it’s worth fighting for, make it work!


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