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Friends, how many of us have them?

So, this topic has really been on my mind lately. Looking back these last couple of years I have lost a couple of friends. Which makes me wonder were they friends or just associates. See sometimes we give the title friend to a person who is really an associate.

So, my definition of a friend is…….

1. Present

You are present in my life, hell when s**t gets bad and when things are wonderful.

2. Honest

Friends should be able to let friends know when they are in the wrong or when they are making poor choices. We should NOT always agree. I don’t need a YES MAN/WOMAN.

3. Supportive

This one is important because as we grow in life we will mature. As I mature in life I need support whether it is with a job, marriage, new business ex.

4. Loyal

Now this is a big one, you have to watch who you are loyal to. Are they loyal to you? Now if you have a loyal friend that is what I call your BESTIE. Now your bestie is the one person you can tell anything to and it will stay a secret.

I had to learn that some people are really just around for a season. If that is the case I’m ok with that but at the mature age of 30 you will be called an associate not a friend.

What is your definition of a friend?


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