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Why? Self-care

It is human nature to forget about yourself sometimes. As women, this is more often than sometimes. We are working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and making our partner happy. So, ladies when is the last time you took yourself out? When is the last time you bought yourself something? When is the last time you had me time?

That’s why we should practice self-care!

This may be the social worker in me but I feel self-care is necessary.

So, these are some helpful tips to start thinking about what you could do for self-care.

1. Exercise

I know what you are thinking really Rika exercise but this can be helpful. Find a time in the day to exercise on your schedule. For me in the morning before works best for me. Exercise does not have to be the gym for example taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

2. Relaxation

You can relax in so many ways, starting with sleep. We all know that sleep is important but naps are also an energy boost. Other ways to relax are meditation, hot bath, or get a professional massage. One of my favorites is getting my nails done this always relaxes me and my hands look good.

3. Drink

Yes, this could have went under relaxation but I wouldn’t be Rika if drinks didn’t have its own category. I love wine so my drink of choice is yellow tail sangria. I know everyone has a drink of choice or some drink they love. Pour a drink and find a quiet place.

4. Music

Music makes us think, cry, and laugh. Ultimately, listening to music makes us feel good. Find your favorite artist or song and go crazy.

5.Alone Time

This is something we don’t do enough. Alone time can be a good thing not a bad thing. Quiet time with yourself helps you clear your mind.

#Remember Be Good to Yourself!

What do you guys do for self-care?

If you would like to try the wine I drink, here is the link of what the bottle looks like

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