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August 16, 2017

We all have arguments in relationships sometimes. Every now and then arguments can be healthy for a relationship. In certain situations, you are going to see things differently.

So, do you feel arguments can be healthy?  

I feel they can, when you are having a disagreeme...

August 11, 2017

When you first start dating someone or when you jump the broom everything was so exciting and new.  After the six months to a year is up things start to change and things aren’t as exciting as they once were.  You get distracted with kids, work, and everything becomes...

August 9, 2017

We are all guilty of procrastinating.  But when does the saying “I’m a procrastinator” become an excuse.  An excuse not to go back to school, not to get a job, or not to follow your dreams.  Are you a procrastinator or are you just lazy?

How much time are you...

August 7, 2017

So, this topic has really been on my mind lately.  Looking back these last couple of years I have lost a couple of friends. Which makes me wonder were they friends or just associates. See sometimes we give the title friend to a person who is really an associate.

So, my...

August 5, 2017

It is human nature to forget about yourself sometimes. As women, this is more often than sometimes.  We are working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and making our partner happy.  So, ladies when is the last time you took yourself out? When is the last time...

August 3, 2017

For the longest time, I have wanted to start a blog.  I decided this year that I would stop talking about it and actually do it.  After contemplating over and over again here I am.  I am at the end of graduate school so I thought what better time to start.  I have so m...

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